Last year I enjoyed a fun and quick read called Bearded Gospel Men.
It was stoked in bearded dude stories and jokes. Oh, the jokes! I loved it.

It is a comical, and yet, hard hitting devotional book. This is one of the quotes that stopped me in my tracks.

“Sex is like fire. It is amazing in a campfire but it’s horrible in a forest fire. Our world is on fire.”

Porn, sex trafficking, and sex outside of marriage. It’s an inferno.

  • “90% of boys and 60% of girls have seen porn before the age of 18, and the average boy sees porn for the first time at age 12. That means for every 15 year old that sees it for the first time a 9 year old does too.” (Bearded Gospel Men)

Indeed, the world is on fire. Wow.

Warming yourself by a campfire is inviting. The pops and crackles are intoxicating. Though the smoke that drifts into the lungs is suffocating, it is but a minor inconvenience for a gathering place of family and fable, friends and frolicking.

But there’s nothing inviting about a forest fire. A forest fire leads to the scorched earth of soil and soul. Whether the ever glowing fires in California or the tinderbox of Florida, the result is the same. Destruction. Loss. Suffering.

Sexual exploits outside the boundaries of marriage are devastating like that.

“Oneness is the “fire ring” of sex.”

C. N. Zueck

Oneness is an invitation of God for one man and one woman into a marriage covenant.
“… a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24, ESV

It’s not wonder that the Apostle Paul gave this firm command, “Flee from sexual immorality.” 1 Corinthians 6:18

Flee from sexual immorality. Take every precaution needed and run away as if it will take your life, snuffing out true love along its destructive path.

Sex is Like Fire.
Flee from Sexual Immorality.
Be a New Man.

Give some manliness to your friends

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