71. The Partnership of New Kind of Man and Men of Iron w/Chad N. Zueck

Life is full of partnerships! The lone ranger mentality in leadership and life has to end, and Chad gives concrete ways that partnerships work with solid examples from everyday life. He, also, shares why NKOM allied with Men of Iron.

Connect with Men of Iron:


  • The Bible has much to say about this human-to-human dimension of partnership.
  • Marriage is a covenant partnership.
  • Sports teams are about partnerships.
  • Mentorships are partnerships.
  • The gospel is about partnerships.
  1. The primary Greek word translated “partner/s/hip” in the New Testament is koinonia.
  2. This word appears 19 times in the New Testament. Perhaps the most common translation of koinonia is the English word “fellowship.”
  3. It can also be translated into other English words such as participation, sharing, and association.
  • Koinonia is, “to share with someone in something” speaks of participation. We are called into fellowship (koinonia) with Christ by God (1 Cor. 1:9).
  • This partnership with God is meant to lead us into meaningful partnerships as brothers and sisters in God’s family (1 John 1:3).
  • Furthermore, the nature of partnership leads to both relational sharing as well as to a fruitful advance of the Gospel (Phil. 1: 5ff).
  • The Bible has many examples of partnership.
  1. The Apostles.
  2. Ecclesiastes 4.9-12 speaks of 2 being better than 1.
  3. n Luke 10 Jesus sends disciples out in groups of 2.
  4. In Exodus 17.8-15, Aaron and Hur join to hold up Moses’s hands that enabled Joshua and the Israelites to over their adversary.
  5. Paul/Silas
  6. Barnabas/John Mark

Common Business Partnerships that wouldn’t be what they are without a partnership give and take.

The Wright Brothers (First in human fight)

  • They didn’t just happen upon success on that wintery day in 1903 when the age of fight took off!. They both had exceptional ability and determination, but history records that they had different gifting. Wilbur, a genius, and Orville were far more mechanically gifted than what we even know. Both powered by curiosity, hard work, and bravery, they changed human history.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak (Apple)

  • A master of analytics, Wozniak admits that he never once thought to sell his original computer model. That was all Steve Jobs. Wozniak’s technical skills paired with Jobs’ business foresight make the two an ultimate business match. And it is a relationship that withstood decades, fame, and fortune. 
  • According to Woz, the two remained friends. 

Bill Hewlett & Dave Packard (HP)

  •  Bill and Dave were classmates in Stanford’s engineering program. Following graduation, Hewlett and Packard went on a two-week camping trip
  • Spending two weeks in the woods with the same person would drive most people insane.  Instead, Hewlett and Packard became close friends. 
  • Shortly after, with the encouragement of Stanford professor Fred Terman, they started HP.
  • Why their partnership worked:  Hewlett and Packard were best friends with similar strengths and managements styles; they complimented each other. As managers, Bill and Dave were openly involved in projects.  

Bill Gates and Paul Allen (Microsoft)

  • Why their partnership works:  Childhood friends.
  • Although it can be dangerous to mix friendship and business, the two pulled it off thanks to a shared obsession with computers and a passion for entrepreneurship.

Chad joining Men of Iron was a God-sized opportunity that he couldn’t miss! Subscribe to the Men of Iron Podcast to follow the path of a New Kind of Man.

70. Reclaiming the Standard of Masculinity w/Josh Khachadourian

In this episode Chad sits down with author and coach, Josh Khachadourian. Josh’s passion for masculinity and who he says is the standard of masculinity is contagious. Josh and Chad have a helpful dialogue about why Jesus Christ is the standard and all other versions of masculinity are just trying to catch up with who Jesus is and was. Josh is a man of God and a high level coach! Get ready to be fired up!

Josh and Chad have a helpful dialogue about why Jesus Christ is the standard and all other versions of masculinity are just trying to catch up with who Jesus is. Also, Chad shares that he will be pausing the NKOM Podcast to join the team at Men of Iron. You can find their website HERE. To join the podcast community at Men of Iron: Click HERE

Josh’s Socials:

69. Winning Big and Transitioning Well

Whether you are in a leadership transition or about to become a stepdad, this podcast is for you. Tyler and Chad discuss why transitions in leadership often fail and why every church, business, and organization must consider succession before it’s “time.” If your business, church, or organization is important to you, then you need to consider the possibility of the work going beyond you. (www.tylerreagin.com

Tyler’s new book is a must-read for anyone in leadership. You purchase it HERE. 

Tyler Reagin is the founder and CEO of Life Giving Company and the author of The Life-Giving Leader. His latest book is Leading Things You Didn’t Start: Winning Big When You Inherit People, Places, and Possibilities (WaterBrook, March 2, 2021). He is the co-founder of 10TEN Project, a non-profit ministry dedicated to serving pastors, and is the former president of Catalyst, a leadership development organization.   

No more flight simulator for you. It’s time to fly!

Tyler Reagin

Ways to Connect with Tyler:


  • Tyler’s takeaways from his leadership transition to the president of Catalyst.
  • His love of roller skating. A bit of humor here!
  • The two faceted challenge of every leadership transition
  • The five ways to honor the previous leader without selling out your own vision.
  • Why this phrase is key to healthy transitions, “You are never replacing a person. You are hiring a new position.”
  • How the principles in this book can be helpful for step dads stepping into a new role with an existing family.

67 & 68. One Thing Every Man Needs w/Jay Vallotton

Jason’s heart is to see the emotional prosperity increase through pastoring, counseling, teaching and equipping. His insight and wisdom have brought powerful breakthrough to difficult situations for both leaders and families. Jason is on the Core Team of Bethel church and has been on staff for over 15 years. He currently oversees the departments focused on emotional health and pastoral care for the local church including: the local church pastoral care team, the pre-marrieds ministry and the men’s ministry.

Jason has a vision for a global men’s ministry that will “turn the hearts of fathers back to the hearts of sons!” Jason and his father, Kris, are currently developing and hosting men’s events across the country to fulfill this call.

Jason is the co-author of four books: The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness, Moral Revolution, Outrageous Courage, and his newest Winning the War Within. Jason and his wife Lauren live in Redding, California, and have four wonderful children.

“Hard time?

Find joy.”

Jay Vallotton

Mentions in this episode:


  • Grew up in a small town in the mountains
  • He got married at 18 yrs. old.
  • Three kids by the age of 24.
  • He went into ministry at 24 yrs. Old.
  • He divorced in 2007-2008 after his wife left him and the kids.
  • “Divorce is like hell coming to breakfast.” Jay
  • He raised three kids by himself for three years.
  • Survival mode can be great for you.
  • Jay was a firefighter.
  • A man needs to know his limits, and until then, he is unproven. C. N. Zueck
  • Many men don’t know their limits and trauma is a gift. C. N. Zueck
  • “Self-awareness is being able to know what is going on inside yourself whenever you need to” Jay
  • Jay breaks down how a man can become more self-aware and how to recognize when we need something
  • Distraction is a self-constructed prison built by unaware men who have unmet needs.
  • Jay and I discuss what spiritual practices used to better our self-awareness.
  • “Go nail it to the cross” is an incomplete faith message.
  •  How to Process Pain: Process (Choose one thing, begin to “write” about it, process it, find the need, bring it to God, how do you see the person who hurt you).
  • “Time doesn’t heal. Time reveals.” Jay Vallotton
  • “Stop and pause in the morning at noon and at dinner to evaluate how you’re doing.” Jay Valloton
  • Brene Brown on Amazon
  • We use courage to be vulnerable and be authentic.
  • Guys recharge through fun. Jay Vallotton
  • “Detach, have fun and come back stronger.” Jay Vallotton
  • Muhammad Ali: “It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.”
  • Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:2-4 (NIV2011)
  • Recovery is as important as endurance.
  • Joy is the fuel for endurance.
  • “Hard time? Find joy.” Jay Vallotton
  • Eat well. Rest. Exercise. Check yourself. Rejoice. Then, push. Jay Vallotton
  • You are not getting extra tokens in heaven for killing yourself down here. Jay Vallotton
  • Gratitude and thanksgiving are joy builders. Gratitude is the attitude and thanksgiving is the expression. C. N. Zueck
  • Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Philippians 4:4 (NIV2011)
  • Philippians 4:4-9, “Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. (NIV2011)

“The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety; it’s human connection.”

Johann Hari

66. Building Successful Teams w/Ret. Navy Seal Jason Gardner

In this episode, Jason Gardner and I talk about how to develop and train high-performing teams. Many of these same principles can be applied to married life, home life, and work life. Jason Gardner is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, combat leader, and now a leadership instructor and speaker with Echelon Front. Jason spent nearly three decades in the SEAL Teams with nine deployments across the globe.

With experience operating in violent cities in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Jason has seen first-hand the power of the leadership lessons taught at Echelon Front. He brings perspective from every level of leadership from a front-line SEAL sniper to the SEAL Team FIVE Command Master Chief. As a lead instructor for Naval Special Warfare Group One Training Detachment, he created and implemented realistic and challenging special operations combat training to better prepare SEAL units for the real-world battlefield.

Throughout his career, he worked alongside Jocko, Leif, and several members of the Echelon Front team developing the same principles and mindsets taught to companies across every industry. He is the recipient of the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart, and numerous other awards. After his retirement from the US Navy, Jason brings unmatched experience with combat leadership in dynamic environments, building winning teams, and developing relationships across all levels of an organization. He serves as a leadership instructor, speaker, and strategic advisor at Echelon Front.

Surround yourself with people that are better than you.

Jason Gardner

Develop a sense of kindness for yourself and others.

Jason Gardner

Mentions in this podcast:


  • Jason’s work at Echelon Front & home life.
  • Jason spent 30 years as a Navy SEAL.
  • At age 7, Jason had his first glimpse of a future life in the military.
  • Jason’s Dad was a Jag officer in the Marine Corp.
  • A great career is built one day at a time.
  • Surround yourself with people that are better than you. Jason Gardner
  • “Confident men surround themself with men who know more than they do.”
  • “The rising tide lifts all boats.” Jason (TB, Support)
  • “Suppressing the EGO is a high call of every man.”  
  • Jason was a Navy Seal sniper and Sniper School Instructor
  • “Every time I was caught in a setback, it ended setting me up.” Jason Gardner
  • Jason explains how SEALS stay sharp while in training mode
  • SEAL (humorous tongue in cheek acrostic) – “Sleep Eat and Lay Around” “Sleep Eat and Lift Weights”
  • Jason explains how the military handles communicating through the different rank structures
  • As a man, we shouldn’t devalue leaders over us or the subordinates under us.
  • Mentors shaped Jason’s career and character in simple but remarkable ways.
  • Jason and Chad discuss how unchecked EGO can develop an entitlement.
  • Jason’s mentor, Monte gave Jason some sage advice, “Wherever you go, run for Mayor.”
  • Jason suffers from imposter syndrome.
  • Imposter syndrome adds fuel to Jason’s work ethic.
  • “The more elite you become, the greater the sense of entitlement can grow, so it’s up to a man to ‘run for mayor’ to be respected and stay respectful.” Jason Gardner (38 min. mark)
  • “Running for mayor” tears down relational walls.
  • Navy Seals are successful because they are not tied to a specific framework or doctrine. They value the input of everyone on the team.
  • “Input is wisely weighted by a person’s experience.” Jason Gardner
  • “Be a sponge and keep your ears open.” Jason Gardner
  • Jason explains how the Seal teams assimilate.
  • A healthy sense of competition reinforces a Seal’s team’s ability to perform.
  • “The term ‘toxic masculinity’ is clickbait.” Jason Gardner
  • Share Admiral Mckraven’s speech “Make Your Bed”
  • Jason’s last words, “Develop a sense of kindness for yourself and others.” Jason Gardner

65. The Freedom Fight w/Ted Shimer

Ted Shimer is the founder of The Freedom Fight, an online addiction recovery program. He has mentored young adults for nearly three decades with the collegiate ministry Student Mobilization.
Shimer’s organization, The Freedom Fight, has developed a gospel-centered, scientifically-informed, biblical approach to help those addicted completely recover. They are proud to provide a free program that can be used by individuals, small groups, and churches. 
Shimer has also penned an accompanying book, The Freedom Fight: The New Drug and The Truths that Set Us Free, where he explores the destructive nature of it, examines its six root factors, and shares practical methods to overcome it through biblical and science-based solutions that lead to genuine freedom. 

Marriage will not cure a porn problem.

Ted Shimer, The Freedom Fight

Only 2% of people receive the miracle of instant deliverance from porn addiction.

Dr. Ted Roberts

Mentions in this podcast:


  • The six roots of porn addiction and how to combat the underlying cause 
  • Why marriage will NOT fix a porn problem
  • Why shame holds a man captive after porn usage
  • Neuroscience behind porn addiction
  • Why you need to train your kids to stay clear of porn at an early age
  • Monthly porn usage is 65% for non-Christian men and 64% for Christian men. Virtually no difference. (page 20)
  • In a Barna survey from 2016, only 55% of adults ages 25-older believe that pornography is wrong. (page 24)
  • 9 out of 10 college males are looking at porn. (page 34)
  • Sex addiction recovery expert Dr. Ted Roberts said in his experience only 2% of people receive the miracle of instant deliverance from porn addiction.
  • The BRACE Method: Breath Deeply, Remember the Truth, Ask God for help, Call an accountability partner, Escape the situation

64. Deepen Your Roots w/Chad N. Zueck

Why do men have notoriously shallow roots? Shallowness in relationships and spirituality seems commonplace. Shallow roots lead to shallow men, and Chad is wanting to disrupt the status quo in this podcast. What do Smashing Pumpkins, David Brooks and Brennan Manning have in common? Listen and find out!

Spirituality is not one compartment or sphere of life. Rather, it is a lifestyle: the process of life lived through the vision of faith. Sanctity lies in discovering my true self, moving toward it, and living out of it.

Brennan Manning, Abba’s Child

Christians don’t live in the past or the future but are based on communion with God in the present.

C. N. Zueck

Mentions in this podcast:


  • We tend to define ourselves by our appearance, intelligence, abilities, and possessions, as well as our relationships with others and the way they look at us.
  • They will not hunger or thirst, Nor will the scorching heat or sun strike them down; For He who has compassion on them will lead them and guide them to springs of water. Isaiah 49:10
  • He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’” John 7:38
  • Christians don’t live in the past or the future but are based on communion with God in the present.
  • Hyper-individualism is a system of morals, feelings, ideas, and practices based on the idea that life’s journey is individual. The goals of life are individual happiness, authenticity, self-actualization, and self-sufficiency.
  • Hyper-individualism is a system of morals, feelings, ideas, and practices based on the idea that life’s journey is an individual journey. The goals of life are individual happiness, authenticity, self-actualization, and self-sufficiency. David Brooks, The Second Mountain
  • Eventually, individualism creates isolated, self-interested nomads who sense that something is missing in their lives but cannot even name what it is. David Brooks, The Second Mountain

Rootless men become restless men.
Restless men become reckless men.
Reckless men become resentful men.

C. N. ZuecK

63. Man Under Construction w/Michael Vilches

Michael’s work centers around noble manhood! Michael is a great guy who shares his journey from wounds to healing with honesty and hopefulness. Man Under Construction is an overflow of his growth and healing. Michael’s story resonates with so many men because of the commonality of a father wound. Here’s a gem from this podcast.

“Servanthood is instinctual to true masculinity.”

Michael Vilches

Mentions in this podcast:

Healing the masculine heart is a long process, but it is worth it.

Michael Vilches


  • Why Michael started Man Under Construction
  • Michael’s work is not a static page. It is a way to form a community.
  • April 2019 is when Michael started M.U.C.
  • Michael was once addicted to pornography.
  • God gave Michael a second chance.
  • He stopped the cycle with God’s strength.
  • Michael discusses his wounds and gives an encouraging word to guys who are addicted.
  • Michael’s father wound of abandonment led him to seek approval and then, porn.
  • Chad and Michael take a deep dive into father wounds.
  • Seven Desires Book (Laaser and Laaser)
  • Michael shares how insecurities manifest themselves in porn usage.
  • Healing the masculine heart is a long process, but it is worth it.
  • As Michael changed, his page and content have changed. 
  • Chad shares a recent story of a man who rescued a family from a burning home.
  • “Servanthood is instinctual to true masculinity.” Michael Vilches
  • “A man that is not going anywhere is incompetent.” Michael Vilches
  • Chad stresses the need for male initiation.
  • When a man does not initiate, he will naturally resort to the receiver, and therefore, confuses his own masculinity.
  • In the presence of men, a boy can become a man.
  • Matthew 20:25-28– How a man can become great.
  • Black Belt Husband Book
  • Episode 8 “A Conversation Among Men” w/Chad on the Man Under Construction Podcast
  • Episode 16 “A Conversation Among Men: Reloaded” w/Chad on the Man Under Construction Podcast

Michael’s Socials & Podcast:

62. Rebel & Create w/Ned Schaut

Like most people, Ned grew up wanting to make a positive impact in the world. He has tried his hand at several different business ventures until realizing the difference between making a living and making a life. Ned’s passion for fatherhood is contagious. Rebelling is about rejecting the status quo and creating a legacy as a dad. He directed his energies into several different things before landing his current job. Ned gives much practical wisdom that he has learned through the ups and downs of his fatherhood journey.

Ned has been married for 17 years, and he has 5 kids. Ned lives his message, and after listening, it may even inspire you too!

“REBEL against the view that my actions have little impact,

and CREATE a life engaged in mastering the Craft of fatherhood.”

Ned Schaut

Mentions in this podcast:

We all have a desire to be loved and to be known,

but dads cannot offer this like God.

Ned Schaut

Ned’s website & Socials:


  • Story of building a youth center and its collapse
  • Ned suffered the loss of a dream, and it sharpened his love for his wife and kids
  • Adventure is not usually a word associated with the church.
  • “A life with God should be adventurous.” C. N. Zueck
  • Ned and Chad talk about their shared respect for skateboarding.
  • Chad talks about how a dad should connect with his kids and not wait for kids to connect with them.
  • Look for a quote talking about this.
  • Ned operated an indoor skatepark that was top 10 in the world
  • Pursuing things is good, but it is a limited good.
  • The death of a dream is a powerful event in a man’s life.
  • A question to ponder: Why do good men collapse after a death of an event?
  • Dreams often die because it is not about a valuable enough goal.
  • Ned still runs a youth center, but the vision has changed to emphasize fatherhood.
  • He saw a change had to happen because fathers weren’t involved as they should have been.
  • The Fatherhood Legacy Journal is a great tool to use to pause (available @ www.rebelandcreate.com)
  • The fatherhood journey requires knowing “who I am” as a man.
  • Every family can get around the dinner table and ask questions that would fit your family.
  • “When I screw up, I admit it.” Ned Schaut
  • “For better or worse: Dads are the heroes of their kids.” C. N. Zueck
  • “We all have a desire to be loved and to be known, but dads cannot offer this like God.” Ned Schaut
  • The most powerful thing a dad can say to his child is, “I am sorry.”
  • We know when we abuse our strength as a man.
  • The moment I have to justify why I was a jerk, I am wrong.
  • A good introspective question for dads. “Do you want your son to wrestle with this question?”
  • “Don’t justify bad behavior; just apologize.” Ned Schaut
  • What would you want your kids to say about you in 20 years?
  • How Ned is present in his kid’s lives.
  • “Do not discredit the “in-between stuff” of life?” Ned Schaut
  • “The day in and day out consistent interaction with kids adds up, so see those as important opportunities.” Ned Schaut
  • The calendar shows what you really value. How much time do you intentionally invest in your kids?
  • High and low questions are great conversation starters for the dinner table.
  • Youtube “open-ended questions” for some follow up questions after the “high and low.”
  • “Warriors just get up and do it again and again and again.” Ned Schaut
  • “Men use a ‘call to action’ as a means to avoid being vulnerable.” C. N. Zueck
  • “The best dads are also the most engaged husbands.” C. N. Zueck
  • “Marriage is the solution to the problems in our world.” Ned Schaut
  • “Marriage is an opportunity for you to grow. Marriage is like an MRI for our character.” C. N. Zueck
  • Ned advises on how to stay connected as husband and wife.
  • Men need to take the initiative and add variance and spontaneity to develop a healthy relationship in marriage.
  • “We have the ability not to be boring.” Ned Schaut
  • A man’s primary responsibility is to take the initiative, and the primary responsibility of a woman is in the response.

61. D.E.C.K. Leadership w/Mike Metcalf Jr.

Do you want a story of hard work paying off? This show is for you.
You want a story of a guy who had to overcome a lot of odds to do great work? Mike’s your guy.
Do you want NASCAR? Yep, you guessed it. This is the show.
Oh yeah, Mike’s also an author, coach, and father just doing honorable things!

Mike Metcalf Jr. has been in NASCAR for 15 years. His journey began by some good ole fashioned hustle in the parts room, and through asking good questions he worked his way into the pits. There is so much to glean from this podcast! Enjoy it!

Mentions in this podcast:

Efficiency is built upon trust.

Mike Metcalf Jr.

Mike’s Websites & Socials:

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Mike has been in NASCAR for 15 years
  • From an early age he involved in leadership of the family early
  • Torn his ACL twice at Appalachian State.
  • It was a demoralizing and dark time for Mike.
  • Mike talks about his challenge of faith from the known to the unknown
  • Although he grew up in church Mike had a moment when faith  became personal
  • Mike shares a cool story about how he became a football player in the first place
  • Trauma can be a great tool to help us slow down enough to see reality.
  • “Focus is acquired over time.” Mike Metcalf Jr.
  • Grew up in Charlotte, NC
  • Finance and banking major in college
  • Didn’t grow up as a NASCAR fan
  • Mike was in on the first wave of athlete’s being hired for pit/garage teams
  • Started working on a NASCAR team in 2005
  • The shift when go from asking questions to the one being asked.
  • Coach/athlete on the Chip Ganassi Racing Team Pit Crew
  • “Coaching takes heart to push people in the right direction.” Mike Metcalf Jr.
  • Spoke at the NFL Combine in 2017
  • D.E.C.K. Leadership- Diversity, Efficiency, Culture, Kindness are the pillars of Mike and Shawn Peet’s work
  • They turned an under performing team into a high performing team with these four pillars (D.E.C.K.)
  • Mike’s hustle and humility took him from the parts room to pit road.
  • Mike shares his own struggle with racial bias.
  • A few NASCAR pit crews shifted to looking for athletes and skillful crew members in 2007.
  • 2008 Mike and his team won the World Pit Crew Challenge
  • 12 Second Culture Book– To purchase the Book
  • “The size of the team doesn’t matter as much as team chemistry.” C. N. Zueck
  • Mike explains the typical week of a NASCAR team (Monday: Yoga, mental reset; Tuesday: Drill specific to team specialty, strength based workouts, Wednesday: Competitive practice between teams, large group workout, Thursday: Polish day, Friday: OFF, Saturday to Sunday Race Day
  • D. E. C. K. leadership resonated with many winning NFL teams (Patriots, Packers, etc.)
  • Diversity is wide ranging. Using our differences to complement one another.
  • ‘Efficiency is built upon trust.” Mike Metcalf Jr.
  • “Good leaders stay hungry.” C. N. Zueck
  • Culture- Failure taught a lot about building a healthy team culture.
  • How NASCAR has changed over time.
  • “It’s not about what we say. It’s about what we don’t say.” Mike Metcalf Jr.
  • Mike is a key voice helping NASCAR reach new audiences

“Many times a man never recovers from the death of his dream.”

C. N. ZuecK

60. Legacy- Where Fatherhood ad Entrepreneurship Meet w/Navy Seal Brian Dougherty

Brian’s message, “There are many similarities between the “lessons learned” as a Navy SEAL and entrepreneurship. I wanted my sons to learn these lessons without necessarily having to join the military. They can’t be with me as a Navy SEAL, but they can be with me as I operate and grow the watch business.”  

As a former Navy SEAL, Brian was instilled with a higher purpose, a purpose that guides his company today. It is not just about creating watches with fine craftsmanship, flawless design, or uncompromising standards.   It’s also about his desire to create a meaningful legacy and a company that his sons can be proud of for generations to come. This is why to us; watchmaking is not just a business – it’s a time-honored tradition.  

Every Declan James piece pays tribute to the heritage of watchmaking. They honor not only those who came before us but also those who will come after. The company’s history is rooted in service. They continue this lineage of humbly serving customers with pride, integrity, and dedication.  

“Try hard. Fail Often. Try Again.”

Chad N. ZuecK

Mentions in this podcast:

Brian’s Website & Social Media:

“We all strive to be great!”

Brian Dougherty, Father & Navy Seal

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Grew up in Denver
  • Graduated from Colorado State University
  • Pursued a career in commercial real estate
  • Joined the Navy at 29.
  • Exercise calmed him down.
  • Mentored by a former Army Ranger
  • How advice shaped Brian’s future as a Navy Seal
  • How you can have everything but it doesn’t equate to significance and purpose
  • Brian goes to his “deathbed” to make decisions and get action
  • His “deathbed” is an image in his mind that he creates to allow himself to see his future self
  • How Brian came into BUDS with a chip on his shoulder and it created extra resistance
  • Brian changed his mindset and that set him up for success.
  • Why a man needs to be able to learn from anyone in his circle.
  • How Brian faced his mental adversity
  • Navy Seal training has several phases
  • 25-30% SEAL candidates graduated in his class
  • Brian was a BUDS instructor
  • How Brian is taking his Navy Seal training into everyday life (Humility, Patience, Resilience, Grit)
  • QUOTE: “We all strive to be great!” Brian Dougherty, Navy Seal
  • “Patience is the soft skill that most men struggle with.” Chad N. Zueck
  • Brian shares a real and raw perspective on why and how to let our kids try (even when we know they will fail).
  • QUOTE: Fatherhood needs a healthy amount of challenge and invitation. ME
  • Chad and Brian share some critical thinking skills that kids need to develop.
  • How our kids can inspire fathers.
  • How wonder in a child is invigorating for adults (parents)
  • Brian created a watch company with legacy in mind. He named his watch company Declan James Watch Co. after his son.
  • QUOTE: “I started Declan James Watch Co for my sons.” (There are many similarities between the “lessons learned” as a Navy SEAL and entrepreneurship. I wanted my sons to learn these lessons without necessarily having to join the military. They cant be with me as a Navy SEAL, but they can be with me as I operate and grow the watch business.”
  • Brian believes that entrepreneurs can learn a lot from the Navy Seals because there are so many parallels
  • Reinforcing positive self attitude, positive self talk, and goal setting are part of Brian’s parenting process.
  • QUOTE: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. Don’t give up too easily; persistence pays off in the end.” Thomas H. Palmer
  • How a positive mental attitude builds a resistance.
  • Declan James Watch Co. watches are built with an uncompromising high standard.
  • Watches give an opportunity legacy to be passed down from a father and his kids.
  • Life time warranty on all watches.
  • Swiss movements are installed on every custom Declan James Watch Co.
  • A healthy family foundation is something to be built upon throughout the generations. (Legacy)
  • Whether you like him or not, one admirable thing about President Donald Trump is his ability to bring his kids into the family business.
  • Chad shares a touching story of when he brought his son to work with him (and why he did it)

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.

Don’t give up too easily; persistence pays off in the end.” 

Thomas H. Palmer

59. The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership and Life w/Errol Doebler

Errol Doebler is a 1991 Graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. During his time as a Naval Officer, Errol served as Assistant Operations Officer onboard the USS Monongahela, Assistant Platoon Commander at SEAL Team FOUR, and a Platoon Commander at Seal Team ONE.

After spending time in the private sector as a sales leader, Errol joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where he investigated International Terrorist Organizations out of the FBI’s flagship office in New York City and also served as a member of the FBI’s New York SWAT Team. Because of his background and experience, Errol was attached to the United States Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment while serving as a Special Agent for the FBI. While deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 with the 75th Ranger Regiment, Errol participated in extensive combat operations and was subsequently presented with the FBI’s second highest award for valor, the Shield of Bravery, for his actions on the battlefield.

Errol left the FBI after 13 years of service to begin his leadership consulting firm, Leader 193, in 2016. Errol has worked with executives and teams from Fortune 100 companies, professional sports organizations, small technical startups, and individual executives across a vast array of industries around the world as the Founder of Leader 193.

Mentions in this podcast:

Time, reflection, and maturity obviously play an important part of eliminating self-inflicted wounds, and as the years went on, that’s exactly what I began to do: eliminate self-inflicted wounds.

Errol Doebler

The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership Book

Errol’s Website:

www. leader193.com

Errol’s Social Media

Connect on IG
Connect on Facebook

Wim Hof Cold Exposure Method


Benefits of Cold Water Exposure

  • Improved self awareness
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Heightened focus & determination
  • Increased willpower
  • Stronger immune system

Books of Neuroplasticity

Switch On Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health by Dr. Caroline Leaf
Who Switched Off My Brain? by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Book about “The Resistance”

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Do the Work by Steven Pressfield


  • How Errol’s hard work eventually paid off after some hustling and good fortune
  • How the path forward can still take you the long way around
  • How to prioritize to reach goals
  • How rebellion and failure shaped Errol’s leadership process
  • How reorienting his efforts toward being the best employee helped him get into the Navy Seals
  • How we can get used to chaos and self sabotage
  • How self sabotage caused Errol to perform well on one day and poorly the next How our relationship with our Dad shapes futures
  • How Errol broke the cycle of self sabotage
  • How awareness leads to behavior change (he uses anger in his illustration)
  • How the benefits of cold water exposure help a man to become self awareHow cold water exposure develops our understanding of how we deal with stress
  • How cold water exposure can change our body chemistry and behavioral patterns
  • How identity is expressed in every aspect of our lives
  • How 75 Hard can be used to help with cold water exposure
  • How actions flow out of emotions
  • How can men see lasting change
  • How Neuroplasticity allows a man to change his mind
  • How scars can actually be good for us
  • How connecting with another man happens through the recognition of our scars
  • How Errol’s Process of self awareness helps a man to overcome life’s adversity and be a better leader: Practice Emotional Awareness and Recognition, Practice Cultural Awareness and Recognition, Create Guidelines for Behavior, Implement the Planning Process, Meet the Resistance
  • How a man can face the resistance, name the resistance, and deal with the resistance
  • How leaders (and men) should use this process to make better decisions: Trigger to Emotion to Think and Decide to Act
  • How Errol uses these guidelines for behavior: Read off the operator in front of you, cover your buddy, and find work
  • How behavior is shaped by mindset and desire
  • How we can take outliers away from our goal setting
  • How a good question can shape behavior

If leadership is nothing else, it is situational awareness; the ability to make good decisions based on a full knowledge of the situation at hand.

Errol Doebler

54. How to Recover and Rebuild Your Marriage w/Chad N. Zueck

Chad and his wife, Marla have been married for 27 years. They were high school sweethearts with a resolve to never divorce, but they didn’t get any instruction on how to stay married and they didn’t realize how broken we were. Broken was normal and divorce was a family norm too.  

First four years of their marriage were less than optimal. Chad enlisted in the Navy and they rented their first apartment. They started out with humble beginnings. Their couch was used and only had three legs with the other side being held up by a can of green beans. Chad was an E-1 and you guessed it, broke.

Chad was gone a lot during his four year enlistment. With two deployments to the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea, he was gone for two of the four years while in service. Following the service, they let Uncle Sam pay for a college degree. College was college with an infant. They both worked. They went to school full time, raised a son, and worked… again, not optimal. They were drowning and going different directions, and then God had another plan. This podcast unfolds the successes and failures learned the hard way.

Mentions in this Podcast:

53. Staying Sane in Times of Insanity w/Chad N. Zueck

In this episode Chad discusses a deeply personal time of insanity in his own life. In 2016, Marla (Chad’s wife) found out that her kidney function was 12% and that she was in final stage of renal (kidney) failure. Chad talks about lessons learned and how hope propelled them forward.

Mentions in this Podcast:

52. Legacy Building w/Blake Brewer

Blake is on a mission to help 1 MILLION Dads write at least one well written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter to their children.  
As CEO and founder of TheEndurance.org and the LegacyLetterChallenge.com, Blake’s mission is to empower father’s to connect with their children, lead their families, and run their God-given race with endurance. 

Blake has 3 children, all under age 5.  He absolutely loves being a father.  As he leads his family and his children, he draws from many mentors, but none more important than his late father Larry Brewer. His Dad drowned when he was 19 years old in an accident in Hawaii. 

Mentions in this podcast:

51. The Surprising Path to True Manhood w/Bill Delvaux

After studying at Duke University (’79) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (’84), Bill was involved for eight years in pastoral ministry as a youth minister and church planter. After the heartbreak of a failed church plant, he took a position in 1992 teaching Bible at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, TN. During that time, he also coached the boys track and cross country teams. Here he found his quest for the next 20 years — connecting the Bible to the hearts of high school students. But toward the end of that time, he began to feel God’s urging to pursue a new quest. This one would be connecting the Bible to the hearts of men. Despite his initial fear and objections, Bill’s community of men encouraged him to begin something new. So in 2012, Bill left full-time teaching to begin Landmark Journey Ministries.

“The one primal truth that every man knows
deep within himself is that he is not one.”

Bill Delvaux

Takeaways from this Podcast:

  • Consumerism and individualism are at odds with true spiritual growth. 
  • Bill explains why some men are prone to confide in others outside their faith. 
  • Men wrongly stereotype their spiritual leaders. 
  • Local pastors often stand in the gap as spiritual directors.
  • “Biblical community should be the safest place for a Christian to bring life’s struggles.” C.N. Zueck
  • There is a difference between “cognitive theology” and “gut theology”. Bill Delvaux
  • “No one has been as integrated as Jesus Christ.” C. N. Zueck
  • Most men live out of a disintegrated self. 
  • Heroic is not a pep talk. 
  • “The end of the heroic journey ends in a silence.” Bill Delvaux
  • Bill shares his writing experience. 
  • The call of the heroic is common to all men.
  • Jesus Christ is the unsung hero of the heroic tale.
  • All the masculine archetypes were fully developed in Jesus.
  • The chasing of false glory (idols) is common to every man. It’s the climb up. 
  • More power, more fame, more influence, more audience can stir up false glory.
  • Shame is the basement emotion of a man’s soul. Bill Delvaux
  • Genesis 3
  • “One of the most beautiful things that Jesus calls a man to do is dismantle the false self with his help.” Bill Delvaux
  •  Bill explains divine objectivity.
  • “Who we think we are is not who we think we are until we see ourselves as Jesus sees us.” Bill Delvaux
  • Bill shares a deeply personal story of when God spoke his new man, “Healer.”
  • “The Lord is very sensitive to our desperation.” Bill Delvaux
  • “Spiritual direction and silence are two massive on-ramps into the presence of Jesus, the Healer.” Bill Delvaux
  • “The heroic journey is a shared journey.” Bill Delvaux

“When a man learns who he is, he sees himself as God sees him.”

Bill Delvaux

Mentions in this Podcast:

50. Here’s to 50!

49. Live in the Present w/Navy Seal Nick Norris

Nick Norris is a graduate of both the United States Naval Academy and Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL (BUD/S) Class 247. Upon completion of SEAL training in 2004, Nick assumed progressively higher positions of leadership within Naval Special Warfare. His deployed roles included combat advisor to Iraqi and Afghan military units, Cross-Functional Team Leader, and Ground Force Commander during combat operation in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Nick was most recently assigned to Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Command — SEAL Qualification Training (SQT) as Officer in Charge prior to transitioning off Active Duty. Originally from Chicago, Nick received his Bachelor in Science from the United States Naval Academy in 2003 and his Masters of Science in Real Estate from The University of San Diego in 2013. He is the Executive Director of the C4 Foundation, which provides support and resources through science-based programs to active-duty Navy SEALs and their families.   Nick is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Protekt Products, a wellness company that is committed to positively impacting customer health via both personal care products and nutritional supplements. Both Protekt and the C4 Foundation value the power of time spent in the outdoors and the positive impact it has on overall well-being.

“Life is a never ending problem set.”

Nick Norris

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Served as a Navy Seal for nearly 11 years. 
  • Grew up on the south side of Chicago
  • Naval Academy Graduate
  • Nick went to the Naval Academy to give him a greater chance to be picked up for Seal training. 
  • BUD/S Class 247
  • The power of being soft spoken and emotionally tempered as a man/dad. 
  • Nick shared many lessons and principles he learned at the Naval Academy. 
  • We discuss how imposed discipline helps develop better men and leaders. 
  • “Men do hard things.”
  • “Be present and chase goals!” Nick Norris
  • Emotional detachment is a valuable tool for mission success, but it has its limitations at home.
  • Compartmentalization is a necessary liability. 
  • Nick shares the value of human connection as a man, husband, father, and a friend. 
  • “Being a Navy Seal did not make me who I am.” Nick Norris
  • Nick uses this Stoic philosophy as a motivator, memento mori “reminder of death”
  • Mento Mori has been a mindset for Nick for a year and a half.
  • “When you live like your dying, you have an opportunity to do more or be more every day.” Nick Norris 
  • “Regret is a vampire. It will drain you emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.”
  • Be willing to get advice from anyone under you on the leadership ladder.
  • Teams succeed when everyone contributes. 
  • Leaders need to evaluate each team members strengths. 
  • Navy Seal teams thrive off a peer group leadership structure. 
  • The best thing a leader can bring to the table a prowess to see the contributions of the whole team. 
  • The humility factor for leadership is key.  
  • “We are the most persuasive voice in our lives.” Nick Norris
  • With Your Shield Organization helping Navy Seals and their families to transition from military service.
  • Asking for help doesn’t make you less of a man; it makes you more human.
  • “We should commit time to our mental health like our physical health.” Nick Norris
  • BUD/S uses physical discomfort to help men compartmentalize.
  • “It’s okay to check your ego and become a bigger person.” Nick Norris
  • Be kind to yourself. Start somewhere. You’ll get there.
  • 75 Hard Program 
  • “Cleared Hot” Andy Stumpf’s Podcast Episodes Part 1 and Part 2 with Nick Norris
  • Nick shares his near death experience and how he is a new man because of it.
  • Link for “Falling Upward” Book
  • We discuss the spirituality of the two halves of life theory.

“Meditation for me is synonymous with prayer.”

Nick Norris

Ways to Connect with Nick:

Nick’s Business, https://protektproducts.com
Nick’s Personal Instagram
Protekt Life’s Instagram

48. Parenting with a Heart Based Approach w/Dr. Scott Turansky

Dr. Scott Turansky and his wife, Carrie, have five children and six grandchildren. Dr. Turansky has co-authored fifteen books on parenting. Most recently he filmed a 12 part Video Family Experience where parents and young people can watch and learn together about the heart and how change takes place called THRIVE! He is the co-founder of the National Center for Biblical Parenting, a pastor, and a professor at Concordia University. He’s trained over 150 presenters to conduct live seminars and over 100 Biblical Parenting Coaches who work one-on-one with parents in person and over the phone.

Scott’s passion for raising great kids is infectious. We can sense his burden and vision in this quote.

“A spiritual battle is raging for our children’s hearts. In today’s world, parents can’t be complacent and just hope everything will turn out okay.”

Dr. Scott Turansky

Takeaways for this podcast:

  • Scott’s wife’s work, www.carrieturansky.com 
  • Find Scott’s 4 books that unpack the heart based parenting approach at www.biblicalparenting.org/training 
  • Scott tells about his upbringing and how he got inspired about his work for inspire and train parents.
  • Scott suggests that dad get involved as early as they can. 
  • Nurture and comfort are great places for a dad to start with their newborn child.
  • Scott shares some brilliant insights on how a man can comfort their children. 
  • The behavior modification model of parenting is worldly and corrupts their character. 
  • Scott’s unpacks the philosophy of heart based parenting. 
  • 9 Different functions of the heart (from the Bible); Wrestling Place, Place of Commitments and Determination, Feel Close to Others, Where We Experience Emotions, Where Temptations and Desires Develop, Experiences Guilt and Conviction of Sin, Experiences Passion, Chooses Values to Hold and Convictions to Live By
  • The seven tools for heart based parenting 
  • Tendencies are attitudes of the heart
  • We discuss the differences between parenting boys and girls. 
  • Scott recommends that we study our child’s personality. 
  • Every parent and child needs to learn how to talk about what makes us mad, sad, or glad. 
  • Scott works with parents to give life skills to help their kids walk through those emotions. 
  • Dad Pro Tip: Use “Strategic” time throughout the years of their kids development. 
  • When Dads work with their kids they are a personal coach like the Holy Spirit coaches us. 
  • “The greatest thing you can give to your child is spiritual training.” Dr. Scott Turansky
  • The value of spiritual growth is waning culturally and parents need to make that necessary shift to equip their kids for maturity and adulthood. 
  • Character has to match privilege in the life of a child or teenager.
  • Giving kids privileges like cell phones, contact with social media, etc. without the character sets them up for future issues. 
  • We discuss electronic addictions and the generational implications. 
  • Scott gives a powerful and suggestion for social health: Always keep one head phone out at home and in public. 
  • Heart based parenting equips adolescents (ages: 10-25) three key principles: Emotional Management, Good Conflict Management, Gracious Communication
  • Send kids out on a mission and pleasure or fun is an improper guide for a child’s growth. 
  • Giving a kid a cell phone has become a rite of passage and this is harmful without parental control. 
  • Kids need to learn how to “give up their agenda” and work on a team and respect authority before they can think critically. 
  • The “wait a minute” disease is dangerous for children because they won’t be able to say yes to God. 
  • Wise appeal is way of critical thinking: STEP 1: I understand you want me to … , STEP 2: I have a problem with that because …, STEP 3: so could I please ….

“Parents often teach their kids obedience and neglect honor. Kids need both to be successful in life.”

Dr. Scott Turansky

Ways to connect with Scott:
On Instagram
On Facebook
On his website

47. Starting at the Finish Line w/Matt Newman

On May 14, 2013, Matt was diagnosed with grade 3 Astrocytoma (a form of Brain Cancer) at 39 years old. It inspired him to write a book titled,”Starting at the Finish Line” a memoir of his journey of fighting cancer, learning to appreciate life, while understanding the fragility of it. 

Matt is a master communicator that loves to help and inspire others to become their best self. His near death experience has refined and revealed some very important life lessons and he distills them in Episode 47!

Ways to connect with Matt:

46. The Enneagram and Spiritual Formation w/AJ Sherrill

AJ Sherrill (DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary) has more than twenty years of experience as a pastor, most recently as lead pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he teaches popular courses on transformational preaching and the Enneagram. He receives many speaking requests to lead Enneagram workshops across the country. Currently, he pastors Saint Peters Church in Charleston, SC.

He is also the author of Expansive: Stretching Beyond Superficial Christianity (2017), Quiet: Hearing God Amidst the Noise (2014), and Urban Disciple: Following Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew (2013). You can purchase AJ’s books here.

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Purchase A. J.’s Book HERE
  • Pastors a church in Charleston, SC
  • Take the enneagram assessment HERE or HERE.
  • The Trellis and Vine as a metaphor for spiritual growth.
  • Karl Barth, “God is the subject of the world and the world is the object.”
  • “We live in a beautiful but broken world. It’s not just out there, it goes down the heart and soul.” A.J. Sherrill
  • Spiritual formation is the recognition that we are not as whole as intended and life is a journey toward wholeness and shalom. God is putting the world back together and that begins with us.” A. J. Sherrill
  • “By cooperating  with the Spirit, God grows us (Christians) over time to make us look more like Jesus.” A. J. Sherrill
  • “Spiritual formation begins with our inner being and flows outward toward the world.” C. N. Zueck
  • Brief history of the enneagram
  • A. J. breaks down myths that surround the enneagram. 
  • “When we are together we reflect God more fully that anyone of us could alone.” A. J. Sherrill
  • How the enneagram gets to why we do what we do. 
  • Why the enneagram is unlike other personality or strength finders assessments. 
  • A. J. digs into the 9 personality profiles. 
  • Why personality types are coping mechanisms.
  • The enneagram brings about a healthy humiliation. 
  • What it was like for A. J. to live at a monk’s house. (Fr. Richard Rohr)
  • How the enneagram helps a man to know his identity
  • The more integrated we are physically, mentally, and spiritually the more human we become. C. N. Zueck
  • How a man can overcome the flaws he sees within his own personality. 
  •  Personaility study and spiritual formation needs to be personalized. 
  • A. J. explains some “downstream” and “upstream” practices equip people spiritually per their personality. 
  • “Most people do what they are good at and omit the rest and call that following Jesus.” A. J. Sherrill 
  • Book: Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster
  • A. J. shares a profound story from his time with Father Richard Rohr (43:00)
  • Book: The Nine Types of Leadership by Beatrice Chestnut 
  • A. J.’s book has a chapter dedicated to biblical narratives written with each type in mind. 

How to connect with AJ:


45. Preparing Boys for Heroic Manhood w/Tim Wright

Tim has been an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America since April of 1984 when he joined Community Church of Joy, Glendale, AZ, as the associate pastor after graduating from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Much of the work Tim did during his 22 years at Joy centered around creating seeker-friendly worship experiences, managing the staff, and overseeing Joy’s Leadership Center.

In 1994, Abingdon released Tim’s first book, A Community of Joy: How to Create Contemporary Worship. The book went on to become a “standard” book in Church Growth Circles on Worship and was even used in some Christian colleges/Seminaries as a recommended text on Contemporary Worship. Other books included Unfinished Evangelism: More Than Getting Them in the Door (Augsburg); a handbook on worship called Contemporary Worship (Abingdon); The Ministry Marathon (Abingdon); and The Prodigal Hugging Church (Augsburg Fortress).

Tim has had the opportunity to lead training seminars for pastors and church leaders in Australia, England, Finland, Canada, France, and Germany.In March of 2005 he left Joy to start a sister congregation of Joy called Community of Grace, in Peoria, AZ. This new church start has enabled him to pursue new ministry opportunities, specifically in the areas of connecting the church’s mission to the wider world, resulting in 3 trips to Rwanda; and in finding new ways to disciple children through adults based on the latest in brain research and theology. That’s when Michael Gurian came into his life!Tim and Michael Gurian have been working together since 2006 on issues of boys and girls. Together they have created several rites of passage programs and they travel the country presenting a one day seminar called The Helping Boys Thrive Summit.

Tim’s newest books are available on Amazon: Searching For Tom Sawyer: How Parents and Congregations Can Stop the Exodus of Boys from Church; and Sunday Schooling Our Kids out of Church: The True Story of How One Congregation Dropped Sunday School to Save its Soul.Tim is married to his high-school sweetheart, Jan. They have two children: daughter Alycia, married to Corey, and son Mike, married to Amber, and 5 grandchildren. (www.timwrightministeries.org

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Tim Wright is  Lutheran Pastor
  • Tim has been a pastor for over three decades. 
  • He currently leads Community of Grace, Peoria, AZ
  • Book: Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow
  • Tim and I explain why church gatherings are really designed for men and boys. 
  • 70-90% of all boys will leave the Christian church in their teens or twenties and not return.
  • Book: The Wonder of Boys (Michael Gurrian) 
  • Three grandsons made it all personal. 
  • How parents and congregations can stop the exodus of boys from church. 
  • Over 90% of school age teacher are females and they are often ill equipped to know the brain science of boys. 
  • How the brain science of girls and boys are so different
  •  What is the best way to affirm a boy: model reading, be a good man, model what a godly man looks like, give your son the blessing of know you are proud of them, tell boys that you love them, catch them doing the right things and tell them good job, model what forgiven men look like, take the lead and bring your kids to church (even when they don’t want to). 
  • Dads and Moms parent in different ways and that’s okay. Utilize them both
  • Saving Private Ryan is a great example of a man asking, “Have I lived a good life? Amy I a good men?” 
  • How do we develop a compelling manhood for boys: Masculine initiation, Rite of Passage
  • For Tim’s Right of passage content: www.timwrightministries.org
  • Christian Service Brigade
  • Tim shares books with Rites of Passage.
  •  When a guy gets lost in manhood, he either goes in the cave (passivity) or become overly aggressive.  
  • If we don’t teach boys the way, we may raise a generation of men who are violent or passive. 
  • How a church/school can harness testosterone for good
  • Testosterone makes a male become male. 
  • Validate boys. Education systems are designed for the female brain. 
  • There is a false narrative that girls are behind boys in school, and the reverse is actually true. 
  • Men are more vulnerable and fragile that what our culture may think. 
  • Have boys stand up or give them a squish ball to help them reengage in educational setting. 
  • Make movement a part of masculine education and worship services. 
  • Tim explains why requiring boys to read in kindergarten creates an insecurity and possible 
  • 85% of Ritalin type of drugs are given to boys (worldwide) 
  • Statistics show that homework is counterproductive.
  • 8 Keys to Speaking “Boy” Key #1 – ACTION, Key #2 – Make it Visual, Key #3 – Separate the Boys from the Girls, Key #4 – Engage boys emotionally (How can we do this effectively?), Key #5 – Use Competition, Key #6 – Call Boys into a Masculine Spirituality, Key #7 – Love the Boys, Key #8 – Point Them to Jesus
  • To engage boys emotionally we need to redefine emotion without the feminine language and understanding. 
  • The primary emotion from men is anger. 
  • Jesus used anger as a motivator. 
  • Men express emotion and language differently, so give boys permission to feel the way he is meant to feel.
  •  Girls use words to emote and boys use action to emote. 
  • Michael Gurrian and Tim Wright’s podcast, “The Wonder of Parenting” www.wonderofparenting.org

How to connect with Tim:

44. The DNA of a Man w/Matt Hallock

Matt is a man with an incredible story of pain, recovery and a heavy dose of amazing. Matt’s spiritual discovery is shared in this podcast and in his book, DNA of a Man. Matt inspires men to become their best self by trusting God with their lives and living out of that identity.

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Matt has been married for 13 years and has three daughters.
  • Book is written for Christian men who are unsatisfied with their faith, marriage, and their walk with Jesus. 
  • Matt’s physical illness led him to dig deeper into his faith and walk with God, and the mission of DNA of a Man came out of his growth. 
  • “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay.” (Matthew 10:8)
  • “And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.” (Mark 16:17-18)
  • Christian men need to live big and stop living small. 
  • God led Matt to pray for a lady at Stanford Hospital and she received Divine healing through that experience. 
  • Men look for identity in their marriage through the validation of their wives. 
  • A great source of identity flows from their dads. 
  • “Every man needs to be initiated by the previous generation.” Matt Hallock
  • A man needs to find their identity in Christ.
  • Matt shares his struggle for connection with his Dad.  
  • Matt brilliantly says that a man of principle needs a code. 
  • John Wayne, “A man has to have a code, a creed to live by.” 
  • The Code is developed by knowing your identity, take an inventory of your desires, your struggles (enemies), and claiming God’s promises over the inventory. 
  • To purchase No More Mr. Guy by Dr. Robert A. Glover
  • Purchase DNA of a Man here. 

How to connect with Matt:

43. Shaping Personal Vision w/Chad N. Zueck

Books mentioned in this podcast:

“DNA of a Man” by Matt Hallock
“Searching for Tom Sawyer” by Tim Wright
“Find Your Place” by Rob Wegner and Brian Phipps
“Strengthfinders 2.0” by Tom Rath
“Rocket Fuel” by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters

The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but no vision.

Helen Keller

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18, KJV
  • Frederick Buechner, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
  • Three questions to help shape a personal vision: Who are you? What gets you fired up? What about your world is broken and needs fixed?
  • 6 Reasons why you need a greater vision: Vision keeps you moving forward. Vision spurs hope. Vision allows alignment. Vision gives you a map not a GPS. Vision overcomes obstacles and distractions. Vision is worth defending.
  • Explore your unique offering to the world. http://www.fivefoldsurvey.com/
  • Explore your Enneagram type. https://www.truity.com/test/enneagram-personality-test & https://assessment.yourenneagramcoach.com/
  • Thoreau, “In the long run men hit only what they aim at.”

Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion.

Bill Hybels

42. Developing Masculine Friendships w/Chad N. Zueck

Takeaways from this podcast


#1 Companionship
#2 Communication
#3 Commitment
#4 Consideration
#5 Covenant

  • Anyone who imagines they can work alone winds up surrounded by nothing but rivals, without companions. The fact is, no one ascends alone.” Lance ArmstrongIt’s Not about the Bike: My Journey Back to Life

3 Types of Masculine Friendships

  • A Recreational Friend
  • A Resilient Friend
  • A Resistance Friend

If you see a man guy going through a rough spot, reach out to him!

  • Don’t assume he’s good because he didn’t ask for help.

41. Transforming Lives Through Service w/Detective Sean Dodge

Detective Sean Dodge began his career in law enforcement with the Modesto Police Department in 1997. Since the beginning, his passion has been working with the youth in the community. Detective Dodge has been a volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, a D.A.R.E. Instructor at the elementary and junior high school level, the P.A.L. Director for the Modesto Police Department, a mentor with Discovery Challenge Academy, and, for the last ten years, a detective with the Special Victims Unit.

Within his current assignment, his primary responsibility is working with youth who have been the victim of physical/sexual abuse. Detective Dodge began running in 2003 and hasn’t stopped. He has participated in several marathons throughout the county and has the ultimate goal of completing a marathon in each state. He also recently qualified for the 2019 Boston Marathon with a finish time of 03:16:04. Recently, Detective Dodge has combined his love for running with his passion for the youth.

He now acts as a mentor with the Teens Run Modesto Program and regularly runs with at risk youth on his days off at a local elementary school. His ultimate goal is to provide mentorship, good relationships, and a positive environment through running to all the schools within his community. Detective Dodge has the desire to find other first responders throughout the country who have the same passion to mentor youth through running within their own community.

You can connect with Sean @ www.10kwithacop.org
To see how you can add 10 K With a Cop to your community dodges@modestopd.com

Here are some links to some publicity that Sean has received for his service.

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Sean runs marathons in full police gear in honor of fallen LEO’s 
  • Police Officer for Modesto Police Dept. since 1997 (23 years)
  • Specializing in violent crimes to children
  • Son of a police officer
  • Sean’s support team helps him to perform at such a high level
  • Showing Christ’s love toward the people he serves in what he keeps in his mind
  • How treating other people with respect becomes a necessary soft skill
  • How empathy gives Sean a frame of reference to a better police officer
  • “A man that doesn’t get his wounds transformed by the gospel will transfer that pain to another person.” C. N. Zueck
  • Why Sean runs marathons in full police uniform
  • How Sean builds bridges with the community
  • Why he and a friend started a program called “10K with a Cop”
  • How Sean empowers kids to become their best self 
  • Sean was mentored in the Cadet program and that shaped his life of service
  • How Sean weighed 280lbs and the dropped weight after a wake up call 18 years ago
  • Sean picked up running to pursue better health
  • In 2014 he set a goal of running a marathon in every state plus Washington D.C.
  • Sean ran the Marine Corp Marathon in D.C. in full police uniform 
  • He has ran 9 marathons in full gear, countless half marathons, and one ultra marathon (45 miles) in full police uniform
  • Sean last minute decision to run a marathon was also his fastest time (3:16:04)
  • Sean has ran the Boston Marathon
  • Humility is the base of service. Sean Dodge
  • Men who dig into the four pillars provide a platform of service. 
  • “The purpose of law enforcement is to keep people safe.” Sean Dodge 
  • “Police officers shoot to stop.” Sean Dodge 
  • “The benefit of good verbal communication can deescalate a hostile situation.” Sean Dodge

40. Becoming a King w/Morgan Snyder

So if a guy on the street asked you, “What does it take to be a King?”  How would you answer?  

Morgan digs into this topic with depth and true consideration for the masculine soul. If you loved Wild at Heart, you will love “Becoming a King.”  Morgan Snyder is a grateful husband of over 20 years and a proud father of a wildly creative and witty daughter and a joyful and passionate son. He serves as a strategist, entrepreneur, teacher, writer, and speaker. His passion is to both be shaped by and shape the men and women who are shaping the kingdom of God. In 2010, he established BecomeGoodSoil, a fellowship of leaders whose global reach offers guidance for the narrow road of becoming the kind of person to whom God can confidently entrust the care of his kingdom.   Morgan serves on the executive leadership team at Wild at Heart and has contended for the wholeheartedness of men and women alongside John and Stasi Eldredge for more than two decades. He has led over a decade of Become Good Soil Intensives and sold out Wild at Heart men’s events across the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia. (www.becomegoodsoil.com)  

You can connect with Morgan @ https://www.becomegoodsoil.com/  
You can purchase the book “Becoming a King” 
To hear Morgan’s podcast: https://www.becomegoodsoil.com/podcasts/  

Takeaways from this podcast:

39. Follow the Primal Path w/Jon Tyson

Jon Tyson is a Pastor and Church Planter in New York City. Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Jon moved to the United States twenty years ago with a passion to seek and cultivate renewal in the Western Church. He is the author of Sacred Roots, A Creative Minority, and The Burden is Light. Jon lives in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan with his wife and two children. He serves as the Lead Pastor of Church of the City New York. 

Jon explored masculine initiation processes from around the world to give his son a proper process into manhood, and now we explore that practical journey. Jon’s heart for men is contagious and enlightening. 

Look out for Jon’s new book called “Intentional Fathers” Here are some others that Jon has written.
Beautiful Resistance (2020)
The Burden Is Light: Liberating Your Life from the Tyranny of Performance and Success (2018)
A Creative Minority: Influencing Culture Through Redemptive Participation (2016)
Sacred Roots: Why the Church Still Matters (2014)
Rumors of God: Experience the Kind of Faith You’ve O
nly Heard About (2011)


Takeaways from this Podcast:

38. Overcoming Distractions w/Sherman Burkhead

Sherman Burkhead is the senior pastor and teacher at First Baptist Church of Boron, California—a loving fellowship of growing disciples who want to go deeper in their faith and go broader in their outreach. Pastor Sherman has helped to lead the 81-year-old congregation back to its love of the Word of God and the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith.
As a former atheist saved by the grace of God later in life, Pastor Sherman is passionate about sharing the hope of the gospel of Christ with his community and beyond. He is also passionate about helping those who know Jesus to mature in their faith and bare the fruit of salvation in their lives. Because of that, he has led First Baptist Church to focus on discipleship. Out of that was born Pastor Sherman first book Distracted: Finding God in a Chaotic World.

To contact Sherman via email: info@shermanburkhead.com
Sherman’s website: https://shermanburkhead.com/

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Sherman is a Christian pastor of a church in California. 
  • After growing up in church, he left the church and drifted into an atheistic belief
  • He was an ardent atheist until giving his life to Jesus.
  • Father of Five kids, 2 Grand kids
  • Making an appointment and keeping that appointment with God is vital to growth.
  • Sin leads to a lack of integrity. 
  • Why spiritual disciplines are needed to maintain faith.
  • Why some spiritual disciplines are easier than others
  • Why repentance and belief sets a man up for re-connection with God
  • How Sherman’s brother gave up Meth
  • The pathway of apprenticeship to Jesus is “being with God, becoming with Jesus and doing what Jesus did.” (Dallas Willard)
  • Consequences from being disconnected with God (Lose sight of the Gospel, Live in our own strength, More susceptible to sin)
  • “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. 2 Corinthians 12:8-10
  • Great question to be asked for every Christian man, “What will bring God the most glory in this situation?”
  • Another great question, “Which things will help me grow in my relationship with God?”
  • “If Jesus spent time alone with the Father, shouldn’t you?” Sherman Burkhead
  • We can easily make the assumption that God is like us into a point of idol forming. 
  • What fear does to a man’s confidence and ability to show up big in life.
  • What has Sherman’s life turned around to a new man in Christ. 
  • Books that Sherman recommends: The Holiness of God (R. C. Sproul), The Forgotten Trinity (Dr. James White), Don’t Waste Your Life (John Piper)

37. Becoming a Wingman w/Chad Hennings

Chad grew up on a farm in Iowa, and it was the first place that he came to understand how important it was to build trust, be dedicated to your work, and hold strong morals and work ethic.  He carried those same principles and lessons throughout his life and won 3 Super Bowl rings with the Dallas Cowboys. He served our nation as a U.S. Air Force A-10 pilot, flying 45 combat and humanitarian missions in Northern Iraq during the First Gulf War.

As a highly accomplished undergraduate at the U.S. Air Force Academy, he, also, was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.   

He is an author, speaker, and founder of Wingman Ministries- https://wingmen.org/.   

Follow Chad https://www.instagram.com/chad.hennings/

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Chad learned faith and commitment while growing up on a farm in Iowa
  • His Brother pushed him athletically
  • Chad was a multi sport athlete growing up
  • Graduated from the Air Force Academy
  • Flew A-10’s in the U.S. Air Force
  • Was drafted in the same year as Michael Irvin, Ken Norton Jr. 
  • Flew his last mission of 1992
  • Played in the Super Bowl that same year
  • How growing up in rural Iowa set him up for success (Commitment, working hard, team dynamics, faith)
  • “If we move at the pace of culture we will out pace Jesus.” Chad N. Zueck
  • Entered the NFL as a 26 year old rookie and spent 9 years in the NFL
  • Super Bowl Champions (3x) for the Dallas Cowboys
  • How Chad kept his physical readiness from being a pilot to the NFL
  • “Facing resistance over time gives us personal resilience.” Chad N. Zueck
  • “Life is a continual set of learning experiences.” Chad Hennings
  • What excellence looks like for a man.
  • “A man pursues excellence by knowing who you are and following through by living a life of character and integrity.” Chad Hennings  
  • “What I do does not define who I am.” Chad Hennings
  • “Surround yourself with men to help you stay accountable.” Chad Hennings
  • What a Wingman does?
  • “A Wingman accepts, affirms and holds another man accountable.” Chad Hennings
  • Chad tells a great story of how these principles worked for him while he fly A-10’s 
  • How do men actually do this in Wingman Ministries
  • Wingman Ministries partner with churches because most churches cannot fund men’s ministries. 
  • They center on works based projects and one on one discipleship
  • Wingmen Ministries uses the “Vegas principle”- “What’s said here stays here.” Chad Hennings

36. Getting Into God’s Game w/Brett Murray

Brett Murray has been speaking in the public forum for 30 years. After focusing the last 18 years in schools with international success and recognition, Brett is now serving the broader corporate community sharing how to achieve your potential, lift revenue, increase productivity and performance. The key – ‘FOCUS’ – It was focus that enabled Brett to co-write and co-produce a TV series on National TV (CampDARE, 9 Network 2006), Focus helped Brett become a Youth advisor to the NSW state Government, helped him establish a youth round table that developed mentoring policies, saw the anti-bullying education platform be transformed in NSW and Tasmania.

The Key to Brett becoming an age Group Champion in 2-80-20 Distance Triathlon (Rottnest Island Suffer-fest 2016) and becoming the only ‘anti-bully triathlete’ in the world competing in multiple Ironman Events, it was focus.Focus is what has helped Brett Write, Direct, and Produce two surfing documentaries as well as Game Plan (You can purchase it on Amazon). It was because of Focus that Brett was able to take 10 young Muslim men across Kokoda in 2004, which became the highest rated news and current Affairs program in Australian History and helped turn these boys live around and reduce all Violent incidences in their school by 70% over the next 12 months and maintain that impact for a decade (Punchbowl High Daily telegraph Oct 3, 2003, DARE-ing the Kokoda Today Tonight April 2004). 

Focus has seen Brett author 5 International books, be nominated 5 times for Australian of the year, co-found and be CEO of the world’s most effective bullying education and prevention charity (McCrindle research March 15, 2019. Make Bullying History Foundation) and produce the #1 Health and Well-being program in NSW (Clubs NSW awards 2018) and be at the core of turning around the social engagement of one of the most high profile NRL clubs in Australia (Cronulla Sharks Make Bullying History Initiative – GM – ONE Community NRL), as well as becoming the leading voice for 11 years on Youth, suicide prevention and parenting topics with the Seven Network Sunrise, The Morning Show and Daily Edition. The key that has now brought Brett to work alongside men to reduce DV and create cultural change with attitudes towards DV and family abuse, helping men turn their lives around – focus.

And now Brett talks about how his focus has turned in to helping men Get Into God’s Game Plan. 

Takeaways from this Podcast:

  • “The more informed we are, the better equipped we can be for life.” Brett Murray
  • Married to Teresa for 26 years and they have 3 adult kids
  • Their brokenness shaped their resolute mindset toward their marriage. 
  • Divorce was never an option. 
  • Brett is also connected to the New Man Crew. 
  • He works in the anti bullying space because he was bullied as a child.  Boxing was a way to protect himself, gain respect, and prove to himself to be a man.  He left school after his tenth grade year because of the rampant bullying.  No Dad present.
  • He got knocked out cold in his first amateur fight and oh yeah, he came back to win the state boxing title. 
  • Men look to prove themselves and if they don’t get it they seek to gain approve themselves. Brett Murray
  • Brett shares why a man needs to prove himself. 
  • The number one influencer of self esteem and self worth in the life of a child is their father. Brett Murray
  • Girls learn their value by their fathers protection. Brett Murray
  • Boys identity comes from the father’s endorsement. Brett Murray (This is “my son”… verses, Mark 1 & Matt. 4)
  • How surrendering to God gives us belonging, victory and blessing. 
  • If you want the blessings of God, the key is obedience. Brett Murray
  • Christianity is the only way for a man to be fully integrated heart, soul, mind and body. 
  • We find fulfillment when we know what God has made us to do. 
  • How a man can find fulfillment and purpose. 
  • Passion flows out of identity and purpose. Brett Murray
  • John 10:10 is a needed explanation of the reason we struggle relationally, physically, and spiritually. 
  • Three different values Brett explains from John 10:10. Satan comes to steal your mission, kill your vision and destroy your value. 
  • Check out Brett’s cool motorcycle designs @ https://www.instagram.com/murraybrawler/
  • Brett can be found on IG @ https://www.instagram.com/brettmurray73/

35. Winning Against the Odds w/Aaron Hale

After six years as an expert EOD Technician in the military, Aaron Hale became blind when an unseen IED exploded in his face in Afghanistan in December of 2011. In the years that followed, Aaron rehabilitated himself to an extent most sighted people would envy – running marathons, climbing mountains, and even solo white water kayaking. 

After a few years of learning how to “google” life while being blind, Aaron was rushed to the emergency room with a crippling headache, the doctors soon discovering that he had contracted a rare and dangerous bought of bacterial meningitis, causing him to lose consciousness for several days, eventually emerging from his comatose state with painful headaches, crippling vertigo, and the devastating realization that his hearing was now gone.In this inspiring story of “Winning Against the Odds,” Aaron and his wife McKayla have become chocolatiers in a business called E. O. D. Fudge (Extra Ordinary Delights). This compelling story is still unfolding and you can follow along in the links below.

Takeaways from this Podcast

  • Went into the military for a sense of purpose, direction and discipline
  • Began his military service in the Navy as a cook
  • Cooked for an admirals, dignitaries and royalty
  • Completed his enlistment in the Navy and reenlisted in the Army as an EOD technician. 
  • He rose to the position of team leader. 
  • After six years as an expert EOD Technician in the military, Aaron Hale became blind the moment an unseen IED exploded in his face in Afghanistan in December of 2011.
  • In the years that followed, Aaron rehabilitated himself to an extent most sighted people would envy – running marathons, climbing mountains, and even solo white water kayaking. 
  • Years later, Aaron was rushed to the emergency room with a crippling headache, the doctors soon discovering that he had contracted a rare and dangerous bought of bacterial meningitis, causing him to lose consciousness for several days, eventually emerging from his comatose state with painful headaches, crippling vertigo, and the devastating realization that his hearing was now gone.
  • “Our lives don’t just belong to us.” Aaron Hale
  • Aaron found purpose in the trials and pain. 
  • In 2015, he ran the Boston Marathon, and now, he is training for a 100 mile race. 
  • Aaron came back to his roots after all the time of service and healing and started a chocolate company, E. O. D.. Thus E.O.D. Fudge was born, (the letters standing for Extra Ordinary Delights), the name not only serving as a nod to the years Aaron spent as an EOD Tech in the military but to the perfectionism with which he approached that former position. “I want to be the best at what I do,” Aaron states, “and E.O.D. Fudge to be the best fudge in the world.”
  • You can get Aaron’s chocolate go to: https://eodfudge.com/ 
  • Connect on Aaron on IG: https://www.instagram.com/eodconfections/
  • Check out my friends at Narrative. https://www.narrativebrand.co/

34. Practicing Personal Accountability w/John G. Miller

John’s knowledge and candor on the topic is interested and very practical!For the full show notes, see: www.beanewman/podcast
For John’s work: https://qbq.com/
Connect with John on Facebook: QBQ

Takeaways from this Podcast:

  • The phrase “I can only change me” will change your life. 
  • Practicing Personal Availability at Work and in Life by asking better questions. 
  • Matthew 7:1-5 “judge not”
  • “What can I do to be my best today?” John G. Miller
  • Discipline our Thoughts, Ask Better Questions, and Take Action. 
  • “Make better choices in the moment by asking better questions.”   John G. Miller
  • Going the Extra Mile gives you an edge in life.
  • A podcast for every person who desires to grow themselves personally, relationships, and a business.
  • John’s ground level principles give a clear way out of Victim thinking, blaming, and procrastination. 
  • Three basic guidelines for creating a QBQ: Begin with “What” or “How” (not “Why”, “When”, or “Who”), Contain an “I” (not “they”, “them”, “we”, or “you”), Focus on action. 
  • “What can I do right now to make a difference?” John G. Miller
  • Ownership: “A commitment of the head, heart, and hands to fix the problem and never again affix the blame.” John G. Miller
  • Integrity: Being what I say I am by acting in accordance with my words. John G. Miller
  • A common myth about accountability groups. 
  • Humility is the base of personal accountability. 
  • Learning is really about translating knowing what to do into doing what we know. It’s about changing. John G. Miller

33. Going All In w/Coach Buck Watkins

Coach Watkins is known for not only being an incredible coach, but also for his superior leadership skills. He gets the most out of his student athletes through the philosophy that there is no obstacle or adversity too big to get in his way.How to Connect with Coach BuckTwitter: @MindsetCoachBW
Facebook: watkinstrained
Partnerships with NKOM:https://anewkindofman.livefreecommunity.org/https://www.narrativebrand.co/

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • “Do Whatever it takes” Buck Watkins
  • How to handle failures
  • What is a winning mindset
  • How should skill set meet mindset
  • Why dealing with emotions is necessary for leadership development
  • Two key principles that Buck Teaches: Fear of failure, Pain of Regret
  • “People respect you more when they know you have been there and will be later on.” Buck Watkins
  • “Ride in the face of gun fire.” Buck Watkins
  • “Put yourself in the fire!” Buck Watkins

32. 5 Characteristics that Separate Men From Boys

Jim Ramos’ passionate proclamation of God’s word, relational humor, and epic storytelling skills will keep you riveted in your seat. Jim is a highly sought after men’s event speaker, author, and internationally known podcaster.

In 2012 he and wife Shanna launched The Great Hunt for God and its mission to never cease building an army of men who are becoming the best version of themselves through Christ, and changing their world, because when a man gets it—everyone wins. In 2017 he launched the Man Card podcast that exploded in their first year to reach every state in the USA, nearly three-dozen countries, and 59 regions around the world (we still don’t know what that means). Subscribe to the Men in the Arena Podcast from all devices. Join men from around the world on the Men in the Arena closed Facebook forum for men, and one of our IVT’s (International Virtual Teams) equipping men to step up to their best version!

Jim has written nine books, including the popular Field Guide: A Bathroom Book for Men, The Man Card: 5 Characteristics Separating Men from Boys, The five-volume Man Card Series small group curriculum for men, Playbooks 1 & 2 with ninety team meetings for men. Find them HERE.

He lives in McMinnville, Oregon, with his beautiful wife Shanna. They have three adult sons and the cutest granddaughter you’ve ever seen. Jim loves the outdoors (especially hunting with sons James, Darby, and Colton), doing anything with Shanna, and listen to men share their story over a dark roasted Americano.

“Men are conquerors searching for the next hill to die on, goal to achieve, or target to shoot. Men lose heart when they lose sight of the target and settle into the mundane form of life that isn’t really living.”

Jim Ramos

Takeaways from this Podcast:

Takeaways from this podcast

  • How Jim’s book, The Man Card, answers the question, “What is a man?”
  • Jim’s explanation as to why some men are disinterested in church
  • How to toxic masculinity is a lie. 
  • “Strong Men, Dangerous Times” release date in the fall
  • Five things that men do: Protect Integrity, Fight Apathy, Pursue God Passionately, Lead Courageously, Finish Strong 
  • “Apathy is the greatest battle that every man will fight.” Jim Ramos
  • The summit of manhood is pursuing God. 
  • Why men need to lead in the church and in their own life
  • How and why recovering from the modern soft male is vital
  • What does a man do? (Protector/Defender, Fighter/Provider, Pursuer of God/Builder, Leader/Sacrificer, Finisher/Conqueror)
  • Why men struggle with integrity
  • What PMS is for men: Passive Male Syndrome
  • “Rescue is beauty.” John Eldredge
  • Apathy is callousness. 
  • 80% of men in churches are apathetic towards God and themselves 
  • Why men are less social than women in social situations
  • How to create better environments for men that connect with purpose
  • Why some man settle to caricature of a man 
  • Books that Jim Recommends: Wild at Heart, Endurance, The River of Doubt , Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart, What Radical Husbands Do (Reggie Campbell)

31. Overcoming Adversity w/Navy Seal Jason Redman

Retired Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author Jason Redman divulges how to triumph over adversity using proven Special Operations habits and mindsets. 

Adversity can often catch you by surprise and leave you struggling with what to do next. What if you could confront any adversity, from the biggest challenges — the loss of your job, divorce, health issues, bankruptcy — to normal daily challenges — a late flight, a disappointing phone call, a missed promotion, a bad day — and not just survive it, but thrive afterwards?

Redman was horrifically wounded in Iraq in 2007 when he was shot at close range through the face and arm. After 40 surgeries, including extensive facial reconstruction and skin grafts, he came back from this experience stronger than ever — despite carrying scars and injuries he will have for the rest of his life. Redman went on to launch two successful companies and speaks all over the country on how to build better leaders through his Overcome mindset.

Overcome is based on extensive research and interviews with America’s toughest warriors, including retired 4-star Admiral William McRaven, retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, retired 4-star General Stanley McChrystal, and others.

Purchase Overcome HERE

Jason gave a great TEDX talk. Click here for the link.

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • How to Get Off the “X” (Major, Minor, & Macro)
  • How to thrive through any life ambush
  • How the Overcome mindset is nit a Seal mindset it is a mindset that anyone can choose
  • How to move from defense to offense using the proactive techniques of SEAL teams
  • How to strengthen your endurance during long-term trials 
  • How to rediscover and thrive in your life purpose 
  • How to lead your team (whether in business or family) to success 
  • How to compete with the top 1% in your field 
  • How to stay the course even when you want to quit
  • How to live out of the Pentagon of Performance through Physical Leadership, Mental Leadership, Emotional Leadership, Social Leadership, Spiritual Leadership
  • How to REACT your way to success: Recognize your reality, Evaluate your position, Access possible exit routes, Choose a direction and communicate it, Take action. 
  • How Jason beat the odds to be a Seal and even after he endured he suffered wounds in combat
  • How Jason’s leadership failure was worse than the day he received wounds in combat
  • How leadership is a learned venture

30. Daring Masculinity w/Paul Louis Cole

Paul Louis Cole is President of the globally recognized men’s mentoring organization Christian Men’s Network. Cole is one of the world’s leading experts on men’s issues, character maturity and personal life expansion. He is actively engaged in the restoration of families and rescuing children trapped in abuse and neglect.

His work as a journalist has taken him from the inside of firefights in Middle Eastern wars to perilous revolutions deep in the jungles of Central America. His extensive charity work ranges from the launch of the highly successful charity FarmAid working with Willie Nelson, assisting in launching one of the most successful AIDS programs in African history to building a mentoring program for at risk youth in the U.S. His professional accolades range from Emmy awards to Addy awards to numerous charity and civic awards. He could be considered a double outlier having invested over 20,000 hours in the pursuit of masculine excellence.

Paul is the son of the late Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, the Founder of the Christian Men’s Network who is considered Father of the Christian Men’s Movement. Paul is the founding pastor of C3 Church in Colleyville, Texas and currently serves as President of CMN. CMN is a very successful thirty-five year old church-based ministry, CMN leads a global men’s movement active in over 100 nations and connecting over 86,000 trained leaders on every major continent training over 400,000 men every month. The stated vision is that every pastor would be a successful disciples of men, and every Christian man a strong disciple.
Paul writes, travels extensively and speaks to thousands of men annually. Paul has written several books used in the CMN’s foundational Maximized Manhood curriculum, including “Daring: A Call to Courageous Manhood.”

Paul and his wife Judi reside in Grapevine, Texas. Paul is the father of three high achieving children and the proud grandfather of two amazing grandchildren.

“What you allow to define you will determine your destiny.”

Paul Louis Cole

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Paul’s father, Edwin Louis Cole, wrote, “Maximized Manhood.”
  • Over the next hundred years they have a vision to reach 100 million men.
  • “Success is result of constancy of purpose.” Paul Louis Cole 
  • Get a vision and stay with it. 
  • How culture is downplaying our masculine strength
  • Rhythm” means plan the things that are going to make you more emotionally healthy. 
  • Thankfulness is a key ingredient to emotional health (Harvard Review Research Document HERE)
  • Get a vision for your life.
  • “Vision is the fuel for overcomers.”  Paul Louis Cole
  • Some common problems of manhood around the world. 
  • “Identity is what we tell ourself about ourself.” Paul Louis Cole 
  • Dr. Dobson’s approach to raising boys. Boys shouldn’t be a in classroom until 8 years old. 
  • The core issue of men is childishness. 
  • Men are like trees. They tend to fall in the way they are leaning. PLC
  • “Every great culture has been built on the character of its heroes and the courage of its warriors.” PLC
  • True of families, churches and nations. 
  • A hero loves others more than his own safety. 
  • To be a warrior has the ability to face the challenge.
  • How Henry Nuewen was heroic 
  • How to rebuild yourself as a mature man. 
  • University of Pennsylvania stats about being held in her father’s arms it helps them immensely. 
  • Plato, “Most men live examined lives.” 
  • “Most men live uninitiated lives.” Paul Louis Cole
  • Paul’s PODCAST INFO: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/brave-men-podcast/id1294789157
  • How to get Paul’s Book, Daring: A Call to Courageous Manhood

29. Networking Secrets w/Paul Edwards

Paul is an Army combat veteran in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is a professional content ghostwriter for faith-based influencers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and executives. He specializes in capturing “your voice and producing a steady stream of content to reinforce your impact” through blogs, e-mails, sales letters, tweets, Alexa brief scripts, video scripts, digital courses.

Paul Edwards is an international bestselling author and host of the Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast Show. He is the architect and founder of the Business Beyond Business Mastermind, a strategic connector mastermind group that incorporates teaching, mentoring and accountability for the Radically Generous Entrepreneur. When you read and follow Paul’s “3M” advice, you’ll become a Magnetic source of guidance, wisdom and accountability; a Magnanimous source of generosity, fellowship and coaching; and a Marketable source of entrepreneurship, small business and social innovation.

In his free time he likes to hang with his family and compete as an amateur bodybuilder.

Takeaways from this podcast

  • God’s blueprint for married life
  • How the Torah is the instruction for marriage
  • How God made man and women difficulty 
  • Proverbs 31:10-31 as a guide for men looking for a virtuous woman 
  • Army combat veteran in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • Paul’s fitness journey
  • 10 Secrets to Networking Success- Paul’s First Book
  • Business Inside of Business
  • Why Bill Clinton could draw attention from any crowd
  • How to Make Yourself as Frequent and Visible as a Radio or TV Commercial
  • Why just being yourself can be a huge edge in marketing (unless your a jerk)
  • How to create your own unpaid sales force
  • How deep and superficial relationships can help you win 
  • How can we make it difficult for people to say no
  • Go with a giving hand gives you a step forward
  • Build a case to make the working relationship an easy sell
  • Help people to have one more advantage by working with you
  • How John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart has impacted Paul’s life
  • Ask Three Big Questions to help connect relationally: What is going well for you? What is not going well for you? What are you looking forward to?

How to connect with Paul


28. Talking Masculine Archetypes w/Michael Pfaff

Michael is a a Life and Relationship coach based out of Oklahoma City. He works with people who want a better life and better relationships. Michael has a Master’s degree in Depth Psychology.

Takeaways from this podcast

  • For Michael’s Men’s Coaching Practice: https://www.facebook.com/coachmichaelpfaff/
  • Masculine Archetypes: Warrior, King, Magician, Lover
  • What is an archetype?
  • How the archetypes correspond with the four pillars of New Kind of Man
  • How the archetypes can be developed in a man’s life
  • How there is a boyhood version of these that needs to mature into the masculine archetypes
  • How the archetypes when fully expressed thrive off of one another

27. Forging a Noble Manhood w/Stephen Mansfield

True manhood is in decline in our generation. Our society has deformed masculinity, leaving most men unfulfilled and far from the impact they were made for. Stephen will help you fight the battles of your life, the battles you must fight to be the man you are meant to be. Stephen has authored 26 books and he is a reliable voice for men everywhere. His work expands the globe, and he resides in Nashville and also, in Washington DC. As a New York Times bestselling author, Stephen has impacted millions. You can find his work @ https://stephenmansfield.tv/ & https://greatman.tv/.

“What if living in a relationship with God isn’t castration? What if it isn’t like the surgical removal of the very drive and instinct we’ve ever had as men? What if, instead, God wants to enter a relationship with us in which he meets us exactly where we are as men?”

Stephen Mansfield

Takeaways from this podcast

  • Author of 26 books
  • “Endure hardship as discipline.” Hebrews 12:7 
  • How manhood can improve because of Covid-19
  • How brokenness in the society shaped Men on Fire
  • To be a man is to know that God made you to be a man and that shapes the way for a man to live. 
  •  We need to restore a culture of noble manhood and teach our boys. 
  • Why men need to choose a noble battle to fight
  • Why Roosevelt and Churchill are inspiring men today
  • What events in Winston Churchill’s life shaped his greatness
  • Hardship and suffering makes us stronger when we go through it the right way
  • How give heritage to the next generation
  • The battle begins when you realize there is a battle
  • A man needs to use his masculine energy in healthy ways
  • Why a man needs to declare war on himself
  • How to declare war on himself
  • “When a man knows his battle it can become a GPS for their soul.” Stephen Mansfield
  • Why our feminized culture is causing boys to grow breast
  • How the effects a man’s change can rapidly change a family culture
  • Get ready to live changed as we get on the other side of Covid 19

“Men should live for the good of society and the glory of God.”

Stephen Mansfield

How to Connect with Stephen

26. Being Unbreakable w/Scott Flansbaum

Scott’s journey has many twists and turns, but Scott is still standing! Literally. He is a walking miracle. After a routine procedure, he heard news that no one would ever want to hear, “Your paralyzed.” His hard work, grit and determination along with what nurses called a miracle, has shaped Scott in profound ways and he is paying it forward by helping others. Stand by for some inspiration!

The only choice you have in tough times is our response.

Scott Flansbaum

Takeaways from this podcast

  • Why Scott is celebrating other people’s unbreakable story
  • How his faith didn’t waiver through his unbreakable journey
  • How Scott is using his tragedy to inspire others
  • How being a father can help brighten you day
  • Why a legacy of service is contagious 
  • How Scott looks out for the marginalized
  • How strong willed kids need to be bent towards something productive
  • How Scott has overcome one of the worst days in his life
  • How his spinal injury left him with a diagnosis that he was paralyzed
  • How he mentally defied the doctors diagnoses
  • How the right mindset sets you up for success
  • What paralysis is actually like
  • Why Scott’s nurses said he was a walking miracle
  • How Scott continues to fight to walk every since
  • How $72K was raised in two weeks for his specialized brace

How to Connect with Scott

25. Learn, Live & Lead like a Warrior w/ Ret. Navy Seal Chris Sajnog

Chris’ mission is to see others realize their full potential, achievement, growth, and success – and CURE THE DISEASE OF MEDIOCRITY!

Chris has been speaking publicly for more than 25 years. He has also appeared on many television shows, including Fox News and NBC. He has spent most of my career in the military and recently retired to watch his boys grow up! During his time in the military he traveled the world speaking to our leaders and “convincing them” to give us the mission – I feel confident I can convince your team to reach your goals!

Chris devotes his time to writing, consulting, and speaking. His book, How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL is the best selling shooting book on Amazon. I also have more than 20,000 followers on Twitter and “fans” on Facebook.

“What would William Wallace do?”

Chris Sajnog

Vulnerability is strength.”

Chris Sajnog

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • How being a father shifted the importance of his life’s mission. 
  • Why lying to yourself betrays our confidence as men
  • Why every man has to first lead themselves 
  • Why all men need to watch Hacksaw Ridge 
  • How resistance helps to grow men and prove their own manliness
  • How being a Navy Seal helped Chris to have greater focus
  • How to encourage your kids to do the right thing
  • Why surrounding yourself with good fathers can help you to become a good father
  • How Chris got orders to to BUDS 
  • Why he choose the Navy 
  • The most difficult part of BUDS
  • The funniest thing that happened at BUDS
  • Why Navy Seal training is a well orchestrated process
  • How he honed his skills as a Navy Seal Sniper
  • How adapting skills can be 
  • How he become a better Dad through what he learned as a US Navy Seal
  • How a warrior ethos impacts every aspect of life
  • How warriors need soft and hard traits need to be balanced 
  • Why I got out of the Navy 
  • Why humility is a great way to help connect with your family
  • Why manliness is best for society
  • How genders are different but equal
  • How to be more manly 

Books Chris Recommended

How to connect with Chris


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