5 Manly Maxims from the Bull Moose

  • Fight for Manliness
  • Read Ferociously
  • Lead Fearlessly
  • Never Be too Old to Be a Kid With Your Kids
  • Live What You Preach

Be a man of action in these areas and watch your life soar! After studying the life of Theodore Roosevelt (AKA Bull Moose), these manly maxims jumped out.

Additionally, Roosevelt’s life shows a good balance of effort, grit, virtue, intellect, ruggedness, playfulness, diplomacy, fierceness, moral responsibility, and consistency. TR wasn’t Jesus. Clearly. But he was a good man that was highly respected and highly feared depending if he stood with you or against you. His vivacious attitude toward life is infamous.

Even giants like TR fall short of perfection.

So a question I have for you is,

“What other virtues are needed to make a more complete man?”

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Chad N. Zueck, Founder of A New Kind of Man

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