24. Get Your Life Back w/John Eldredge

John Eldredge is an acclaimed author, speaker and leader of a movement that has impacted many all around the world. His writings have challenged, equipped and inspired men to pursue life, true life. In this podcast, John discusses his latest book called, Get Your Life Back.

The war has always been for our attention.

John Eldredge

Don’t talk about anything you haven’t lived yourself.”

John Eldredge

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Why John writes from inspiration not beginning or ending. 
  • Psalm 1 as a source of understanding the difference between relief and restoration.
  • How social media is affecting our brain chemistry and how to recover using nature and a one minute pause.
  • Why the One minute pause is essential to getting your life back.
  • Why this phrase is key to becoming more free, “With a good heart I release this to you God.”
  • Why social media rechannels our brains so that we think we need distraction.  
  • Why true meditation is the ability to linger with God. 
  • Why getting outside is a recovery system for the human soul. 
  • Three books that John recommends:

Books that John Recommends

John’s Work:


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