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20. Thriving as a Dad in the Trenches w/Aaron
by Chad N. Zueck

Aaron shares the story of how faith restored his marriage and the valuable tools he gained through the process. This created the foundation for @dadinthetrenches.
We discuss some inherent flaws in the modern Christian movement and how true Christianity is the actual answer.
His broken spiritual life left him adrift in an ocean of confusion and brokenness until he surrendered his pride and rule following to Jesus.
Aaron encourages men to step up into their roles as fathers.
Want to truly change? Seek God and apply yourself to being a follower of Jesus. -Aaron Long
Aaron suggested these books:
Walking with God (Eldridge)
Waking the Dead (Eldridge)
Wild at Heart (Eldridge)
Taming a Powerful Emotion (Chapman)
Finish (Jon Acuff) 
Aaron’s IG: @dadinthetrenches
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Dad in the Trenches Podcast
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20. Thriving as a Dad in the Trenches w/Aaron
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