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The New Kind of Man podcast is for men who want more from life. Every man has a unique story, but the virtues needed to be a man are universal. We are helping men to become strong relationally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically through our podcasts, articles and epic stories. We bring about manly topics and inspiring messages so you can put things into action. Connect with us at or on Instagram @anewkindofman.
13. Advancing as a Warrior (w/Greg Amundson)
by Chad N. Zueck

In this episode, 

  • How can a man become a warrior for God? 
  • How he as an elite athlete starts his day? 
  • Should Christians do yoga? How do you do grow spiritually by using it?
  • What are some things that a man needs to do to become strong physically and spiritually?
  • How is physical fitness integrated into worship of God?

“As a spiritual warrior annointed by God, your mindset should be one of eagerness to be deployed onto the ultimate battlefield of life.”

— The Good Soldier: How to Fight Well, Finish the Race, and Keep the Faith by Greg Amundson


Love God with all your Heart. Believe unconditionally in yourself and the ability of others. Learn new skills, teach them to a friend. Forge an indomitable body and spirit. Apply character traits learned in the studio to life: Purity – Truthfulness – Peacefulness – Contentment – Strength – Service – Willpower and Shalom. Be Humble. Encourage Others.

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